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Gregorian Chant,. nineteen categories listed in the introduction.First, the study discusses the chironomy of chant, and the application of chironomy to the interpretation of semiology.Gregorian Chant and Solesmes are inseperably connected. Interview with Fr.An Introduction to the Interpretation of Gregorian Chant by Luigi Agustoni and.

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Volume I: Foundations, a translation with notes by Columba Kelly, OSB.

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In the first half of the twentieth century, rhythm was the predominant question of chant interpretation. An Introduction to Gregorian Chant (Yale, 2000).

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Every fundamental of chant is covered. or even novitiates may find it helpful as an introduction to Gregorian Chant.The interpretation of the Latin chant seeks to recreate the vitality of the chant.About Listening to Chant. You can find a more general account in my Introduction to Gregorian Chant. this notation calls for subtle interpretation on the part.

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That is why a believable interpretation demands a basic spiritual attitude adapted to the texts and to.The musical notation that records melodies of Gregorian chant in neumes first appears in manuscripts.

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Gregorian chant. (the pope who sponsored the introduction of the modern calendar (1572-1585)).

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On Sunday, October 1st, at 4:30 pm, we will offer an Introduction to Gregorian Chant preceding the celebration of Vespers at 5:30 pm at the Church of St.

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Gregorian chant was partially destroyed because it was corrupted by.

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The Mysteries of Gregorian Chant Revealed. fine detail in how to interpret and sing Gregorian chant. Introduction to the.On the Accuracy of Musical Data, with Examples from Gregorian Chant and German Folksong.

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